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Why does a business owner need to study?
June 07, 2016

Why does a business owner need to study?

“Right from the time I was a teenager, I was told that I’d grow up to manage my dad’s business.”

A lot of kids in Indian grow up to manage businesses that were established by family members. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. But one of the biggest beliefs when it comes to the family business is, ‘you don’t need higher education’. Why? Because whatever you need to learn, you shall learn on the job.

Young minds today don’t really mind this blanket ban on their education at first – you have more time to chill compared to your friends after all. But eventually, a few essential points dawn on us. Friends who were just graduates like us have left us far behind and have business school degrees. Even if that doesn’t bother us, the fact that we, as business owners, need to hire people with these degrees certainly does pinch.

How do you hire someone to work for you when you don’t understand the basic principles of management? How do you think beyond the realms of everyday problem solving and visualise the path ahead to a better business? How do you work hand in hand with an MBA degree holder to strategize a plan for expanding your business?

Higher education plays an extremely significant role in training and developing a person’s ability to think from the perspective of a manager, an employee and an entrepreneur. So you get to wear everyone’s shoes at one point of life. Having said that, the thought of higher education gives rise to another problem. How does a business owner take time out to study?

Here’s where institutions like NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education come in to the picture. They not only allow you to select a management subject of your choice but also accommodate and facilitate education according to your convenience. NMIMS offers distance learning programs with online lectures, online libraries, e-learning materials and lecture recordings so that business owners can learn and leisure. They flexible exam cycles ensures that you can schedule your exams according to your work commitments.

For a business owner, it is extremely important to be on the same page as his employees; for this, he or she needs to make sure they undertake the necessary education. At such a point, NGA SCE comes to the rescue.

A lot of people dwell on what life could have been in regret. It is recommended that you could look at what life was (as an uninformed business owner), what it could have been (small business, no progress) and what is could be (progressive and successful) with the help of education that promises to lead toward improvement.

Here is Asad from Delhi, a business owner and a proud alumni of NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education sharing his experience of learning with NMIMS.

Joseph Augustine

Financial Planner & Consultant

Self Employed

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