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Busting the myth of distance in distance learning
July 20, 2017

Busting the myth of distance in distance learning

Once upon a time, when we weren’t surrounded by technology, distance learning could have been a phenomenon of the Stone Ages. Today however, technology has successfully allowed us to surgically remove the ‘distance’ in Distance Learning. No longer are we lone souls studying under a zero watt bulb. Okay we may have exaggerated a little. But we are definitely not alone.

Distance Learning programs are just as compatible, equally credible and definitely more flexible than your run of the mill full-time MBA programs. In fact, distance learning programs give you the advantage of managing your time better. Unlike a full time MBA, you won’t hit the ground running. You will know how to manage work right from the start because you never stopped working in the first place.

But flexibility and better time management skills are not the only reason you need to opt for distance learning. Like we said in the beginning, technology plays a major role in revolutionising distance learning programs. Today, major universities like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies are investing crores of rupees to ensure that students across the world can sign up for distance learning programs, attend the lectures online, access course material, case studies and reference material online and even face-time with their professors when they have doubts.

Technology is bringing about a paradigm shift in the way one views education by distance. Who would’ve thought that you could discuss a chapter from your course materials online with your professor? Institutions are collaborating with technology giants in a bid to make student life as easy as possible. Integrating technology in a student’s curriculum definitely makes sure they are devoting less time sourcing books and study material manually and utilising their time to understand the principles of management better.

Online reference materials like real world case studies actually help students perform better in their professional life as they can implement their learnings in the real world. With easy access to everything online, the world becomes the student’s classroom in the true sense. NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education ensures that you can study while you’re at work, travelling or at home. You could be 3000 feet up in the air, travelling for a business meeting and could still access recordings of online lectures on your laptop ensuring that you make the best use of your precious time.

Technology is not only limited to online lectures. Besides access to online libraries and real time case studies, students can even sign up for the programs online. If you’re unsure about what programs can help you progress in your career, you can actually book a free consultation online. Easy EMI e-transactions ensure you only need your credit card details to pay for your education. Progressive and visionary Institutes like NMIMS Global Access School for Distance Learning are also spearheading innovations like Student Wallet to facilitate an easier process for exam registration fee payments. This is being designed with a view to curb interruptions in the hectic life of a working professional turned students.

Know more about distance learning from NMIMS by visiting their website. Watch the video to know about life at NMIMS.

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