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Key Dates

Admission starts on

25th September, 2017

Admission ends on

14th March, 2018

Re-registration starts on

25th September, 2017

Re-registration ends on

14th March, 2018

Last date of Admission w/out late fee

7th February, 2018

Last date of Admission w/out increased late fee

26th February, 2018

Last date of Re-registration w/out late fee

10th February, 2018

Exam Cycle

December 2017

Assignment Submission Opens


Assignment/Project Submission Last Date


Exam Registration Window

09-Nov-17 to 23-Nov-17

Hall Ticket Release


Term End Examination

December Computer Based Exam 2017 (Fri / Sat / Sun)

Paper Pen Exam

8th Dec – 19th Dec

Student Login

Frequently Asked Questions

NGA-SCE evaluation mechanism mainly has two components: Internal Assignment (30marks) and Term End Examination (70 marks). To be declared as “Pass” (50 marks) in each subject, appearance in both the above components is mandatory

The Internal Assignment carry 30% weightage and Term End Examination (Multiple Choice Questions + Descriptive type questions) carry 70% weightage. (30 + 70 = 100 Total Marks).Aggregate passing-50%

Aggregate Passing is the criteria i.e. the student must obtain 50 marks or more out of 100 marks in each subject which includes the internal assignment marks plus Term End Examination marks for passing a particular subject. Pls. Note: In the above two components, there is neither individual passing criteria nor there is individual component cut-off marks

Assignment questions are uploaded within the Student Zone under Assignment Module. Pls. Note: For every exam cycle, a fresh set of Assignment Questions would be uploaded on the student portal. Student is expected to download the applicable exam subject assignment question paper & submit the assignment/s through the Assignment Module on or before the last date announced by NGA-SCE for that respective exam cycle. Assignment submitted via email or hard copy sent to NGA-SCE will not be accepted.

Exams-> Assignment(For complete guidelines on assignment)

Assignment submission is not a pre-requisite to register and appear for the term end examination. Student can register for the Term End Examination without submitting the assignment.

Exams-> Assignment (For complete guidelines on assignment)

Yes, Student can appear for Exams and then submit the Assignment, however both components are equally important for result declaration and results would be on hold till the time assignment is not submitted.

Project is one of the mandatory subjects in Semester-IV for Post Graduate Diploma program. The latest exam cycle applicable project guidelines need to be followed by the student. Student needs to submit the project online through student zone via the project submission module on or before the last date announced. No project sent in hardcopy or by email will be accepted.

Exam fee is Rs.500/- per subject per attempt. When the Exam Registration window opens, student can register and pay exam fees using their Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking within the dates announced by NGA-SCE. Exam fee payment via cash is not acceptable. Exam fees once paid is neither refunded nor carry forwarded to next exam cycle in case the student cannot appear for the examination for reasons whatsoever. 2nd attempt for any subject would be charged at Rs 600/-

The student will have to register online for appearing for the Term End Examination when the window for Exam Registration opens. The exam registration is on first come first serve basis when the online registration window goes live (will be communicated via Email/SMS/Announcement section). Student must not wait till last minute for exam registration as it could lead to unavailability of preferable exam Centre/time slot. To avoid missing out any important information/announcement/date, students must refer regularly to our Website/Student zone as all latest announcements are mentioned under Student Zone

The results are generally declared within four to six weeks after the last date of term end examinations under student zone


Yes a Student can apply for revaluation. Pls. Note: Applying for revaluation does not indicate that the marks would increase than the original score. It could remain same, increase or even decrease than the original score. Revaluation Fees is Rs.1,000/- per subject. Student can apply and pay the prescribed revaluation fees through student zone

Student Support->Service request

After successfully clearing all semesters, student is eligible for issuance of final certificate. Student needs to apply to NGA-SCE for issuance of his/her Final Certificate by filling an application form which is uploaded in Student Support System Pls. Note: Student has to clear the program (all subjects, all semesters) before the completion of program validity from the date of admission.

Student Support ->Service request

A student will have to raise a Service request for Transcript. Three copies of Transcript will be issued. For every additional extra copy there will be charge of Rs. 300/-

Student Support-> Service request

Re-Sit Term End Examination is scheduled in April and September after the declaration of June/December exam results.

To be eligible for the Re-Sit Term End Examination every student is expected to complete minimum six months in a semester after enrolment in a semester.

Students enrolled only in Post Graduate (PG) program (New Course) and Diploma program (New Course) from July 2014 onwards and students enrolled in all Certificate program would qualify for the Re- Sit Term End Examination.

Students enrolled in Post Graduate (PG) program (Old Course), Diploma program (Old Course) prior to July 2014 and who have offline mode of examination would not qualify for the Re-Sit Term End Examination. Re-Sit Exam is not for offline exam mode students.

Students, who had submitted assignments for Jun/Dec exam cycle, appeared for Jun/Dec. exams and failed, or students who had submitted assignments for Jun/Dec exam cycle, registered for Jun/Dec exams and remained absent, or students who had submitted the assignment/s for Jun/Dec exams and could not register for the Jun/Dec. term end examination of subject/s or students who have completed six months in a semester and had not submitted assignment of few subject/s of the earlier semester are now eligible for submission of assignment and also eligible to register and appear for the Re-Sit term end examination.

Student can directly appear for Re-Sit Exams, but needs to complete minimum six months in each semester after enrolment in a semester. For e.g. student enrolling in (January Batch) will be eligible to appear for the first term end examination only in June and not for April, Re-Sit examination and student enrolling in (July Batch) will be eligible to appear for the first term end examination only in December and not for September, Re-Sit examination.

Yes. The student needs to register online for the Re-Sit Term End Examination. The exam registration is on first come first serve basis when the online window for Re-Sit Term End Exam opens. Student must not wait till last minute for exam registration as it could lead to unavailability of preferable exam centre/date/time slot as seats are limited.

Exam fee is not a part of program fee and is charged separately. Exam fee is Rs.500/- per subject per attempt, 2nd attempt onwards for the same subject would then be charged Rs. 600/-. Exam fees once paid is neither refunded nor carry forwarded to next exam cycle in case the student cannot appear for the examination for reasons whatsoever.

Exams has flexi schedule and is schedule over three weekends, three days (Fri/Sat/Sun) and would be conducted in three exam time slots i.e. 3 weekends x 3 days x 3 exam time slot. The student is free to choose the Exam Centre, Exam Day/Date/Time over three weekends based on his/her preference and appear for the examination. There is no fixed date and subject examination timetable for exams.

Student has choice to appear for one/two or maximum three subject exams in a day, subject to exam date/exam timeslot/exam centre availability.

Re-Sit Exams in April/Sept. will be conducted only at seven cities where NMIMS University has its own Campus / NMIMS Regional Offices i.e. Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. For Re-Sit exams there will be no additional exam centre provided apart from the mentioned cities/location.

Students need to regularly check the website/student portal for all latest announcements to avoid missing out any important date and/or information.

Examinations for Post Graduate Diploma program /Diploma program students, enrolled from Jul. 2014 is conducted in the month of June/ September/ December/ April. (For complete details refer to http://distance.nmims.edu/ Key dates and Student Resource Book)

Examinations for Post Graduate Diploma program /Diploma program students, enrolled prior to Jul 2014 batch in old program is conducted in the month of June and December

Project Preparation Guidelines are updated on the website under the Examination Tab.

Exams ->Projects (For complete guidelines on Project Submission)

No, we don’t conduct exams abroad, we have our examination Centre’s in India

Distance learning will not be mentioned on the final certificate. You will be issued with the final certificate from NMIMS Global Access School For Continuing Education.

Only the first name of both the parents will be reflected on the mark sheets and final certificate.

Student has to raise a request for the issuance of mark sheet/certificate by log into Student Zone – Service Request tab and the same will be available at Student’s Regional Office within 10 to 15 days. In case, student wish to receive the mark sheet/certificate at his/her residential address via courier then student has to pay the courier charges of Rs.100/- online in Service Request. Courier charges is Rs.100/- per mark sheet/certificate.
Student Support ->Service request

A candidate failing in one or more subject/s in a semester is given up to 2 percent of the marks on the aggregate marks of that subject, in which he/she has appeared in the said examination to enable him/her to pass the subject. (2% of 100 = 2 marks only in each subject & not more than 2)

As per the revised examination policy w.e.f. April, 2016 examination, to pass (clear) the failed

subject/s, the student now has the following options to choose from:

(a) Submit only the failed subject assignment and not appear for the term end exam
(b) Register and appear for the failed subject/s Re-Sit or Term End Examination (the previous exam
cycle assignment marks will be carry forwarded in case there is no resubmission of assignment
found in the respective exam cycle)
(c) Both re-submit the assignment of the failed subject/s and also register and appear for the Term End
Examination of the failed subject/s

NGA-SCE follows a blended model of academic delivery. It involves conducting live, online sessions, Personal Contact Program, lecture presentations, providing learning resources like books, session plan and recordings of online sessions.

Lectures are conducted live in a virtual classroom environment. Each subject is taught via live online sessions of 8 hours per subject (2hrs *4 sessions) Timings for the same is updated in Academic Calendar .The information will be sent Via Email and SMS 3-4 days in advance. Academic Calendar is updated on monthly basis.

Yes, you can attend these sessions from your home/workplace/office subject to availability of necessary IT infrastructure.

The student has to visit our website: http://distance.nmims.edu/ , login to Student Zone – Academics – PCP Registration and register for Personal Contact Program by paying the then applicable PCP registration fee.

NGA-SCE charges no separate fee for attending live online session.

Online lectures cover the learning of the entire course content as per session plan. Faculty’s interact and collaborate with students and thereby ensure enhanced student engagement.

Personal Contact Programs are Face to Face sessions conducted by empanelled faculty of NGA-SCE only at University Regional Offices. Personal Contact Program aims to include all or any of the following as per the session plan of the course:

1. Student Doubt clearing

2. Group activity/discussion

3. Case study discussion

Personal Contact Programs are conducted for 3 hours per course. Students can attend these sessions at the 7 University Regional Offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune. Click here to view the details:


NGA-SCE offers 3 hours Personal Contact Program per course to its students subject to the payment of prescribed fees and subject to minimum number of student registration.

Personal Contact Programs are designed for activities like doubt clearing, case study discussion and other group activities related to the course for enhanced student learning.

After registering for any program with NGA-SCE, a student will receive Self Learning Material (semester wise), access to our online digital library, course presentation, access to recordings of online live sessions, session presentations and any additional reading material as shared by faculty if any.

Digital Library facilities are provided for students who are willing to learn beyond books and their registered subjects. Users can access full text journals online. The contents have been organized in groups for easy access. The search interface allows easy navigation. Students can access our Digital Library round the clock. Digital library provides user-friendly interfaces to its resources; access to journals, databases, eBooks database, research database, company databases etc.

Though attending the live online session or Personal Contact Program is not mandatory, we strongly recommend our students to attend these sessions in order to get the best learning experience.

The student has to visit our website: http://distance.nmims.edu/ , login to Student ZoneSessions CalendarSession details page and click on POST QUERY button to post any course/content related query.

You are requested to kindly login for the session from the student zone via the link tab: http://studentzone-ngasce.nmims.edu/studentportal/ via the academic calendar tab

http://studentzone- ngasce.nmims.edu/acads/viewStudentTimeTable

You are requested to kindly click on the session which is scheduled today and then click on attend session button to attend the live session

Yes, you can attend the online sessions from the mobile application, we recommend that you use Wi-Fi connection and not travel while attending lectures. You can take assistance from the technical support team in case required the number is 0008001001693

No. You cannot access and view session recordings on the mobile application. You can only attend online sessions from the mobile application. The session recordings can be viewed and downloaded from the desk top and lap top.

Students enrolled Post 2014 onwards

Re-registration is a process where a student pursuing a course registers for the next semester in order to be eligible for SLM, access to learning resources on LMS, attend online live lectures and enrolling for Personal Contact Program.

Students who have paid annual or full fees will also have to re-register to the subsequent semester in order to activate the semester access

A student can re-register for the prospective semesters irrespective of the number of Course passed in the previous semester/s as per the dates announced by the University from time to time.

Click here to know the process of re-registering: link: http://distance.nmims.edu/re-register.html

We have started with the facility of Course Waiver for our students who have registered for or after July 2014 batch in 1 year Diploma Program or 2 year Post Graduate Diploma Program and have completed the program and are willing to take Admission in Post Graduate Diploma Program.


  1. Students should have completed the earlier registered program. Courses successfully passed/cleared will only be considered for course waiver.
  2. Students should apply waiver only within 2 years of successful completion of the earlier program.
  3. All Diploma students except DGM will be admitted to Semester II and validity will be of 2.5 years. DGM and Post Graduate Diploma student will be registered directly to Semester III and validity will be of 2 years.
  4. No fee and time waiver will be given.
  5. The then existing fee structure will be applicable.
  6. Students will have to submit all the required documents for admission as per the eligibility criteria opted.
  7. Course waiver is not applicable for Project (Semester IV).
  8. Student’s admission will be treated as fresh admission and all the existing policies will be applicable.


  1. Students will have to register as a fresh student via the Apply now form available on our website distance.nmims.edu.
  2. They will select “Yes” in the option Any Course Done from NGA-SCE on the Step 3 Program Details Information page and fill the required details and will also select “Yes” for the option Do you want to opt for Lateral Admission.
  3. Student will be directly admitted:
  4. a Diploma students other than DGM will be directly registered in Semester II. b Post Graduate Diploma and DGM program students will be directly registered in Semester III.

You can update your e-mail id /mobile/shipping address from the student zone via the update profile link tab.

It is mandatory for student to fill and submit the re-registration form to their authorized centre so that the course material applicable for your semester can be issued to you

The five copies of the bona fide certificate is issued free of cost, If the student requires 20 copies it would be Rs. 1500/- (Rs. 100/- per Bona fide). Student is required to forward a written application for issuance 20 copies of Bona fide certificate along with Demand draft of Rs. 1500/- in favour of “SVKM’s NMIMS” payable at Mumbai.

NMIMS Global Access – School for Continuing Education, (NGA-SCE) is one of the 9 schools of NMIMS University offering Post Graduate Diploma Programs, Diploma Programs and Certificate Programs in distance learning mode.

NGA-SCE offers 6 months Certificate programs, 1 year Diploma Programs and 2 years Post Graduate Diploma Programs in various specializations. To know more about the specialization offered, kindly visit the link : http://distance.nmims.edu/programs.html

The programs offered by NGA-SCE were approved by the erstwhile Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE- DEC. Subsequently, our PG as well as Diploma programs have been approved by UGC - DEB. As per UGC Letter F1No-52/2000(CPP-II) Dated May 05, 2004 it is mentioned that degree/diploma/certificate awarded by Open Universities in conformity with UGC notification of degrees be treated as equivalent to corresponding awards of the traditional universities in the country.

NGA-SCE has been ranked as one of the top 10 Schools providing Distance Education programs in several surveys conducted.

Zee Business ranks NMIMS School of Distance Learning second in its ranking of the Top 10 B-Schools offering Management Programs in Distance Learning Mode consecutively for 2 years.
The DNA-Indus Learning 2012 Survey identifies NMIMS School of Distance Learning 5th in the top distance learning institutes in India that have leveraged methodology, technology, faculty and infrastructure to provide best experience.
Competition Success Review honored NMIMS Global Access–School for Continuing Education as “Top Distance Learning Institute of India” award consecutively for 2 years at the CSR Awards for Excellence 2013 and 2014.


The prime responsibility of an Authorized Enrollment Partner is to facilitate admission and re-registration process and provide student support. Authorized Enrollment Partner will also be responsible for issuing study material along with student kit to registered students.


Regional Offices are NMIMS owned centres having state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver quality education. Students can access various digital resources like Learning Management System, online lectures, e-books, digital library, etc. The Regional Offices’ are equipped with classrooms and have the best in class faculty available to conduct Personal Contact Programs offered by NGA-SCE. These offices also act as local touch points for students within that area to facilitate student support services.

Kindly click on the link: http://distance.nmims.edu/centers.html to know about the locations of our Regional Offices & Authorized Enrollment Partners

Once registered, students are not permitted to change their Authorized

Enrollment Partner within a city. However, you can switch to an Authorized Enrollment Partner in another city

The student will have to select the desired Authorized Enrollment

Partner while applying for the re-registration process itself. No request for change of Authorized Enrollment Partner will be accepted post re-registration process.

Yes, you will have to pay a partner location change fee of Rs.2500/-

which will be added to your Semester fee while filling up the re-registration form.

No, Authorized Enrollment Partner will not be in charge of any academic

process. Authorized Enrollment Partner is not authorized to collect any additional fees from the students for NMIMS programs. Any personal dealing with Authorized Enrollment Partner will be at the student’s risk

Yes, the Regional Office will be responsible to conduct Personal Contact

Programs, examinations and will also provide digital resources like Learning Management System, online lectures, e-books, digital library, etc.

We do not offer dual specialization as a part of our program.

A student can change their specialization only once during the validity of his/her Registration, subject to University’s approval by paying the applicable fee.

A student can request for change in specialization only at the time of Re-Registration:

a) A Diploma student can request for change of specialization only at the time of Re- registration to semester II

b) A Post Graduate Diploma student can request for a change of specialization only at the time of Re-registration to semester II and semester III

As per UGC guidelines a student cannot pursue more than one course from a University simultaneously, hence we do not extend such facility for students.

You need to check the eligibility criteria before enrolling for distance learning

There is No discount for People with disabilities

There is almost no difference between PGDM and MBA but if we look at the basics, PGDM is a diploma awarded by autonomous institutions, whereas MBA is a degree program which is offered by a University or a college.

To ensure that all queries and concerns are addressed on time we encourage students to follow the below escalation matrix:

- Toll Free number is Operational Mon-Sat (10am-6pm)

- Service Request module- Helps you to raise an online request and the same is monitored to ensure the query is closed on time

Link: http://studentzone-ngasce.nmims.edu/studentzone/->Student Support->Service request

- Cases- Will help you to raise a query/concern online and same is directed to the respective team/function

Link: http://studentzone-ngasce.nmims.edu/studentzone/->Student Support->Contact Us
Link: http://distance.nmims.edu/help-and-support.html#writeUs (Doesn’t have Student credentials)

You can write in your concern with complete synopsis to Nelson Soans- Head Student Services at nelson.soans@nmims.edu

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