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Admission starts on

1st April, 2017

Admission ends on

9th September, 2017

Re-registration starts on

1st April, 2017

Re-registration ends on

9th September, 2017

Last date of Admission w/out late fee

3rd August, 2017

Last date of Admission w/out increased late fee

23rd August, 2017

Last date of Re-registration w/out late fee

10th August, 2017

Examination Cycle

September, 2017

Assignment Submission Opens

6th June 2017

Assignment / Project Submission Last Date

29th August 2017

Exam Registration Window

09 August 2017 - 23rd August, 2017 23:59 hrs.

Hall Ticket Release

26th August, 2017

Term End Exam

September Computer Based Exam (Fri / Sat / Sun)

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Why should NMIMS be your first choice for distance education?
June 07, 2016

Why should NMIMS be your first choice for distance education?

There are run of the mill distance education institutes and then there is a brand that is taking distance education toward a paradigm shift. How do they do this? With a balanced blend of real world, contemporary curriculum, lectures by the best in class industry experts and technology backed by partners renowned across the world.

A 30 year legacy of fine education combines with the best of technology and the brightest teaching minds India has seen and you get the finest choice for education via distance– NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education.

NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education is among the few distance learning institutions that help connect students to an education process that maintains high standards of quality and attempts to make distance education as convenient as it could possibly get.

Not only has NGA SCE invested lump sum amounts on technology, they have gone a step beyond standard efforts to ensure that a student actually take the effort to study and progress. Today students across 30 cities in India are benefitting from knowledge shared by 200 plus faculty. But there’s a lot more to distance learning than just good student reach.

As an institution, it is standard protocol for NMIMS to constantly stay in touch with students and they do so from over 50 touch points over a period of 2 to 4 semesters. This doesn’t just refer to announcements but reminders on registrations, payments, exam dates, feedback etc. NMIMS doesn’t believe in one way traffic. They have set up a dedicated call-centre whose only criteria is address student queries; so communication is constant and is two way.

NMIMS understands that students who are working professionals or for that matter, even home makers run on a rather tight shift and can’t really find the time to attend lectures. So lecture timings are flexible and students are informed about them in advance. Reminders are shared with students via email and SMS to log in for their online lecture. If the student is unable to attend lectures due to professional or personal commitments, the lecture recording is made available to them. This means students can attend and re-attend lectures at their leisure – maybe while helping their children with homework or on the metro on the way home from work.

A lot of institutions may follow flexible lecture timings but how many of them follow flexible exam cycles? NMIMS is the only distance learning institution providing 4 exam cycles of which 2 exam cycles are ‘on-demand’. This means you can schedule your exam around your work. Students can tell the institution when they are ready to attempt their exam papers. What’s more? Students don’t have to travel very far to write their exams as NMIMS has 8 authorised university regional centres at major metro cities across India.

NGA SCE nurtures each student like a family member and ensures that they do their best to bridge the gap of distance in distance learning.

Malvika Mudgal

Senior Executive

Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

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