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Second Innings!
October 03, 2017

Second Innings!

So shall she leave her blessedness to one,

When heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness,

Who from the sacred ashes of her honour

Shall star-like rise as great in fame as she was,

-William Shakespeare.

There’s many a working professional who would have either taken a break from working, or who might wish to take a sabbatical for a certain period. Though the break is not associated with any gender, a common occurrence would be women who take a break during pregnancy, and would like to return to their jobs later, as working mothers.

Whoever be the person and whatever be the reason, returning to work has several challenges that need to be overcome. Here is how you can tackle them and come out triumphant.

Reassess your strengths: During the sabbatical, one would tend to not think of their working past (primary reason for the break, to take their mind away from the rigors of the daily routine that they went through). Thus, it is advisable to prepare a short sheet of your strengths and what you are going back to. Seek help of former colleagues and friends. Boost your confidence by writing down a set of your achievements in the previous job stint, and various skills you demonstrated.

Update your skills: Start by reading where the industry has progressed since you left and following potential employers on the web and social media. Secondly, identify the key technical developments and what skills are required to handle it. Thirdly, identify a skill development course, or a refresher course to upgrade yourself before you enter the industry again. Distance learning programs offer courses of different domains and durations. Time your re-entry accordingly.

Re-enter with a story:

  • Structure your re-entry with a story along with a career break.
  • Outline your career.
  • Give a reason for the break.
  • Quote your relevant skill upgrades.
  • Describe your abilities to take on the next assignment.
  • Spread the word amongst the relevant audience.

You’re not the same person you were: It is just you who may be a little out of practice. So, find creative ways to get back into the groove. Take up smaller assignments between the time you think of getting back, to the time you are ready for a permanent assignment. Return-ships, freelancing, volunteering, explore everything.

Don’t just jump at any chance: Wait your time. You need not jump at the first opportunity that presents itself. The break may actually be a boon for you. Remember: you have newer skills and knowledge through the certification program, that you may have taken. Your interests and skills now deserve the right package. Decide accordingly.

Thus if you are a returner, don’t undervalue your skills. Upgrade yourself, and you will be back with the vigor and enthusiasm that personifies you. Our plan above is a stepping stone for you to succeed again… to rise again!

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