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There’s a lot you can do ‘shaadi ke baad’
June 06, 2016

There’s a lot you can do ‘shaadi ke baad’

Have you ever come across a sentence that has the words “shaadi ke baad”? It’s more like a disclaimer don’t you think? Do what you want, but “shaadi ke baad”.

Study further, take up a job, move ahead in your career but everything after you have tied the knot. Somewhere this disclaimer has claimed the futures of hundreds of bright young women. We are not saying getting married is a bad thing. We’re merely asking the question, would you actually pursue your dreams after you get married?

Let’s paint you a word picture, shall we? Your typical day starts with making sure everyone is ready, fed, watered and out the door in the nick of time. Then it’s time to prepare everyone’s favourite dishes for lunch and dinner and hear all about everyone’s day at the dinner table before you can finally wind up and call it a day.

As the ideal homemaker, you are a pusher. You push people towards their dreams. The husband is at work, getting promoted because you woke him up this morning. The children are topping their class tests because you sat and understood Algebra and taught it to them. (Even though you weren’t fond of the subject as a student.) Your work is not easy. You push the most important people in your life so that they make progress. You consider their success to be your success. But we think there’s more to your life than pushing someone. We believe it’s time to push yourself and work towards your dreams. How many times has it been that you have pictured yourself as a working professional? Wouldn’t it be amazing to bring back your work stories to the dinner table?

You’re probably wondering how? We understand the situation. It’s probably been a while since you worked or studied. The scenario back then when you were unmarried was different. Now you have people depending on you. You can’t just give up everything and sign up for a program that will take up all your time. So how do you educate yourself?

A lot of the women who signed up for distance learning programs with NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education said that the programs were really flexible and easy to understand; so much so that they actually worked on their assignments when their kids were completing their homework. A few other women who signed up for our specialization programs actually inspired their husbands to sign up for the distance learning programs at NMIMS. It’s wonderful to see how families are learning together, evolving together and progressing together.

We truly believe these incredible women are unleashing their true potential and actually doing something meaningful with their lives ‘shaadi ke baad’. Getting married may open doors to a new life but nobody said that it should shut the door on your education, career and most importantly, your progress. Choose from a variety of distance learning programs from NMIMS from management and marketing to banking and finance and make a mark in a career path of your choice. You can attend online lectures and earn your diploma in a period of one or two years. We’re here to help aspiring homemakers set their best foot forward into what we know, will be a fruitful and rewarding career.

Here’s what one of our proud students and now working mom has to say for our programs. Watch the video.

Rite Kapoor

Dispute Analyst

Fidelity Investment Services

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